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Grupo Rompe Cajón

A youth group I lead playing Afro-Peruvian and Afro-Cuban music, driven by the exciting Peruvian cajón. Visit at

Conjunto Bomba

A Latin jazz group based in the Washington, D.C. area featuring some of the local greats. We perform on and off in the region, a mix of Cuban and South American styles with our own modern feel.

Noiseless Ensemble

An avant-garde music group I formed with incredible creative musicians, Harry Walker and Jerry Gentry. We perform throughout the area some of the most interesting, interactive music you'll ever hear.

Active Burn In: Positive and Spiritual Hip Hop

This is a collection of hip hop tracks with positive, spiritual messages. Slow going but eventually I'll have it all together. I've been performing Hip Hop since the early 2000s in different iterations, this is more than a side project. Until the final album actually drops, enjoy on SoundCloud and my regular Instagram and YouTube postings.

Washington Samulnori

A traditional Korean percussion ensemble, directed by Sebastian Wong. We play exciting rhythms and dance all over the East Coast.

Dear Wayne County

My latest project to reach fruition, a labor of love sweat suffering joy hardship and passion. Folk songs inspired by my hometown in rural upstate New York. Some clips of the album release party in November, 2019.

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